The proliferation of technology in various parts of the world, is foreseen by many as an agent of unemployment and to others, a demanding task in creativity to enable businesses stay relevant in the era of digitalization.

Artificial intelligence (A. I) has been proven as a tool used in increasing the efficiency of businesses; from online businesses, to the digitalization of the media and to banking sectors, it makes prove of the fact that AI is a problem solver, recreating the usually from the usual.

Joshua O. Agyeman, President of I. o. T network hub, during the just ended TVA Dialogue mentioned that, AI has been seen as a threat to society, as many complain of losing their jobs to robots, however jobs haven’t been totally displaced- new ones are being created in the process.

To stay relevant in this regard, he indicated that, it is essential that individuals and businesses explore and advance their skills set as AI can do most, but not every human activity.

According to him, allowing AI to do the grit work, can create the opportunity for individuals to embrace the attributes that humans excel at, in terms of creativity and social intelligence which has not been taken over by the robots.

“AI has come to stay and we could do better instead of fighting it, like collaborating and identifying opportunities”, he said.

He added that, although job security has been affected, with middle men jobs being obsolete, it is important for individuals to acquire the necessary skills to enable them stay relevant.

Director of AI at MinoHealth ,Darlington A. Akogo, also mentioned that, “the future is uncertain but creative and arts knows no bounds hence majority can explore that sector.”

According to him, there is always room for expression in creativity and as such humans can focus more on it and on other jobs like teaching and nursing which requires more human touch.

Although the AI take over has been rapid with the future being unpredictable, AI experts are of the view that government and individuals could look at the good side of it and make the best out of it.

This includes the enacting of policies and initiatives by policy makers and key players to help solve societal problems especially in the agric and health sector.